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What Is The Momo 2 Game About?
"Momo 2" plunges you into the heart-pounding world of indie horror, channelling the spine-tingling traditions of the scariest films. Prepare for a terrifying encounter with a nightmarish entity that preys on unsuspecting children through chilling phone calls and ushers them into its malevolent dreamscape. This might sound like the stuff of absurd childhood horror tales, but for our protagonist, it becomes a grim reality when he awakens in a world beyond imagination.

Momo 2 marks the arrival of one of the most spine-chilling horror games in the 3D online realm, tailor-made for a Halloween scare that we're thrilled to present on our platform. It brings to life the infamous meme character born from Creepypasta, transforming it into an urban legend that still sends shivers down spines. Will you dare to confront this terrifying entity and its nightmarish realm? Only the bravest souls need to apply.

What Is The Story InMomo 2?
The tale unfolds as you drift into slumber, only to awaken in a room turned chaotic and your phone ringing ominously with Momo on the line. To avoid her sinister grasp, you must delay answering for as long as possible. Manoeuvre through the eerie landscape using the WASD keys, employ the mouse to interact with objects, and wield the Enter key for additional commands.

Tips For PlayingMomo 2?
As you explore the room, examine closets, the desk, the TV, and every other possible refuge to decipher the puzzles that hold the key to vanquishing this malevolent entity. The clock is ticking, and your wits will determine whether you emerge victorious against the encroaching horrors. Brace yourself for a spine-chilling test of courage and intellect, for it is the only way to outsmart the relentless Momo and evade her clutches.

Upon awakening, you'll realize that this isn't your room despite its uncanny resemblance. Chaos reigns supreme, and the atmosphere grows increasingly eerie. Summon your courage and investigate the closet. While you might not find anyone there, a horrifying revelation awaits near the door—an enormous chicken sporting a human visage.

Tricks: The creature lunges at you, but survival instincts kick in, leading you into a fiendish trap devised by Momo herself. In this nightmarish quest filled with puzzles and riddles, you must confront the relentless creature, battling to escape its malevolent grip. The odds are stacked against you, but with quick thinking and unwavering resolve, you might just evade becoming a plaything in the clutches of malevolent spirits. Good luck!

Controls in Haunted School 2:
- Use the mouse to navigate the game
- move/balance - WASD
- Fast running - SHIFT
- Interaction - E
- Lantern - F
- Pause - Esc
- Enter - Turn off the phone

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Momo 2

Release Date Chicago Time: 26 October 2023 13:05
Updated On 16 January 2023 09:23

Type WebGL
Mobile Mode No
Platform PC and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready Yes
Categories Action,Scary,1 player,WebGL,3D, MOMO,Boys, Simulator,GAMES,Unblocked, Mistery, Fantasy,Horror,unblocked 66, unblocked 76,Unblocked Games to Play on school.

The online version of the Momo 2 game is developed by Laplace Games, but you can play the game online for free on

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 16

More Information AboutMomo 2
Is your stomach ready to turn? Then jump into this all-day 3D horror game. Experience exhilarating gameplay in Momo 2, a survival and horror game that takes place in a hundred deserted schools. Because it is built with WebGL, the Momo 2 game may be played in any web browser. If you liked Shoot Your Nightmare: Space Isolation, you'll love the other free horror games on our site.

Make sure you check the video instructions, tips, and YouTube gameplay of Momo 2for free on

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Momo 2 . Online Games . (2024)
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